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Welcome to my Informal Photo Gallery

The photo gallery below contains informal-pictures that
you can see, and get better acquainted with your
Tutor & Consultant on a personal/human level.

Formal Picture

Big Ole' Catfish @ 8 lbs!

Got bunch of Croakers.

HU Finance Dinner

HU Finance Students

Yorktown Visitor Center

Yorktown Re-Enactor

Dewa Ruci Tall Ship

Sunset in Norfolk, VA



War on Durian !!

At Friend's Birthday Party

OPSAIL festival at Norfolk, VA

Mermaid of Norfolk, VA

Sunset in Charleston, SC

I hold the Sun on my hands.

Picture with my Sensei.

Shake Hands with Sensei

Picture with Swordsmen

Karate Class Picture

Cold day in Virginia Beach, VA.

Korean Stance

Korean Christmas Day Group Picture

Golf Day

Nauticus in Norfolk, VA

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