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Local Advanced Tutor available for YOU:
Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Newport News,
Hampton Roads, VA and Internet Online Video-Conferencing.

Math, Econ, Finance, Accounting, Statistics, SPSS
Excel, Research, Nursing, BioStatistics, BioInformatics.

My Criminal History Record from VA State Police (Reference Letter):
   Criminal History and Sex Offender Search

My Tutoring rate (cash, or check as payment):
US$ 40/first-hour, US$ 20 per 30-minutes afterwards.

Tutor can come to your location, via Internet, or you are welcome to
visit tutor's ODU/Norfolk location  for tutoring sessions.


If sessions are conducted online (via Skype & Video-Conferencing):
*  This is mainly for out-of-town clients (non Hampton Roads, VA)
    or those who have very-busy schedules
    US$ 40/first-hour online (Skype & Remote Desktop Sharing)
          US$ 20 per 30-minutes afterwards.
Payment can be sent via my www.paypal.com account.

For ODU-site Group Tutoring Sessions (more than 1 tutee):
   1st person pays full-rate (ex:   US$ 40/hour),
   2nd person pays 1/2 rate (ex:  US$ 20/hour),
   3rd person pays 1/4 rate (ex:  US$ 10/hour).

My hours/days/times of availability (click just one link):
     Juntak's Schedule (in PDF file-format)
    Juntak's Schedule (in MS Excel file-format)

Click this link for location of ODU/Norfolk McDonald's

Minimum Tutoring Session:
   1 Hour/session.

You can pay per session, or pay in weekly installments ( on Friday of each week ).
Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back on session deemed unsatisfactory.

If you need receipt to get reimbursement from your employer
for tutoring services, do let me know. I can issue receipts for your use.
Military people and/or professionals who can get reimbursements for
tutoring-services from their employers will greatly benefit from these receipts.
( They also make good repeat-clients to me too -- LOL ).

Please check with your employer first, to see what documentations you need to
submit for tutoring-services reimbursements. I will be glad to help you out.
In the past, issuance of receipts have worked fine and acceptable for reimbursements.

I mainly tutor College/University Students and professionals at the
Junior/Senior Undergraduate level up to PhD students completing their programs.
I also assist professionals who are currently working in their fields.

I have successfully tutored many university students who are traditional
(18 ~ 30 year olds), and non-traditional students (35 ~ 60 year olds).

I can also tutor "mature" K-12 Middle/High School students.
If your child seems to be a good achiever, and serious in striving for
knowledge in school: then I would gladly tutor your child.
Otherwise, I strongly recommend you to find a different tutor than stick with me.

Physics (PHYS):
* ALL levels of Mathematics (K-12 and Undergraduate levels)
* High School level, college level, introductory, and intermediate
   undergraduate levels of Physics are acceptable.

Mathematics (MATH):

* ALL levels of Mathematics (Undergraduate & Graduate)
* Calculus, Multi-variable, Proofs, Algebra, Geometry,
   General Mathematics, Differential Equations,
* High School Mathematics:
   Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus,
   Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Discrete Math

Statistics (STAT):
* All levels of Statistics (Undergraduate & Graduate)
* SPSS, eViews, Microsoft Excel, Minitab,
* Descriptive statistics (mean, median, variance)
   Confidence intervals for the mean, t-tests, z-tests
* Decision Support Systems (linear programming for MBAs)
* Hypothesis tests, Regression, Bio-Stats
   Distributions (Normal, Binomial, Exponential, Poisson),
   Main effects and interactions (Factorial designs),
   Repeated-measures analysis of variance (RM-ANOVA)
   Business Statistics, Social Statistics, Elementary Statistics,
   Statistics for Social Science, Biostatistics, Econometrics.
* Linear Programming, Quantitative decision analysis,
   Management Science, Finite math
*  BioStatistics for Nursing, and Medical Fields
*  BioInformatics for Nursing, and Medical Fields.

Finance (FIN):
* All levels of Finance (Undergraduate & Graduate)
* Business Finance, Corporate Finance,
   Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced Finance
* Futures, Risks, Options, Insurance/ Real Estate Finance,
* Financial Management, Risk Management, Securities Analysis
* Some Accounting issues (but not much emphasis on this)

Economics (ECON):
* All levels of Economics (Undergraduate & Graduate).
* Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, International Economics,
   Urban Economics, Health Economics, Public Finance.
* Econometrics.

Accounting (ACCT):
* Undergraduate Level Accounting, only.
* Mainly Introductory, and Basic Level Accounting topics.
* My specialty is in Finance. I'm familiar with Accounting,
   but just enough for use in Finance-related materials.

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Data analysis

Graphical analysis: time series plots and histograms
Descriptive statistics: moments, quantiles and frequency tables
Central tendency measures: sample mean, median and mode
Dispersion measures: sample variance, standard deviation and range
Association measures: linear and rank correlation
Sampling issues: Chebishev's theorem

Probability theory
Overview of set theory: sample space and events
Relative frequency and event likelihood
Conditional probability: Bayes rule and independence
Random variables: discrete and continuous distributions

Statistical inference
Inference: sample × population moments
Estimation: maximum likelihood × method of moments
Asymptotic results: law of large numbers and central limit theorem
Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals

The standard linear regression model
Estimation: Assumptions and the geometry of least squares
Inference: Tests of hypothesis
Asymptotic properties: Assumptions, consistency and normality
Gauss-Newton regression: Residual analyses
Maximum likelihood: Estimation and testing

Extensions to the standard linear regression model
Estimation and inference under heteroskedasticity: Generalized least squares
Estimation and inference under autocorrelation: Introduction to dynamic models
Endogeneity and mensurement errors: Instrumental variables

Advanced topics (if there is enough time)
Nonlinear least squares
Binomial response models: Probit and Logit
Simulation-based methods: Monte Carlo and bootstrap

Fundamental concepts of statistical inference
Statistical model, decision space and loss function
Optimal decision rules: pure and randomized
Statistical principles: equivariance, invariance and unbiasedness

Sufficient statistics
Dominated family: Radon-Nikodyn theorem and Halmos-Savage lemma
Conditional expectation and probability: Halmos-Savage theorem and properties
Neyman-Pearson factorization criterion
Minimal sufficient statistics

Exponential model
Privileged statistic and minimal sufficiency
Random sampling of exponential models
Moments of privileged statistics
Distribution free and complete statistics
Ancillarity principle, complete and disconnected statistics
Basu's theorem and Fisher's lemma

Point estimation
Rao-Blackwell theorem and Lehmann-Scheffé theorem: UMRU estimators
Invariance and the principle of equivariance: UMRE estimators
Invariants e maximal invariants: Pitman estimators

Hypothesis testing
Neyman's principle: UMP tests and the Neyman-Pearson theorem
Least favorable distribution, (L)UMPU tests and nuisance parameters

Email to me at above email-address, and I will provide
my complete information and background information.

I can only tutor in the Hampton Roads area:
* Norfolk,
* Virginia Beach,
* Portsmouth,
* Chesapeake,
* Newport News,
* Hampton,
* Suffolk.

Public Schools:
Chesapeake Public Schools
Norfolk Public Schools
Portsmouth Public Schools
Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Private Schools:
Alliance Christian
Atlantic Shores Christian
Azalea Garden Christian
Back Bay Christian
Bishop Sullivan Catholic
Calvary Classical
Cape Henry Collegiate
Central Christian Academy
Chesapeake Bay Academy
Christ the King Catholic
Denbigh Baptist
First Baptist
Gateway Christian
Greenbrier Christian
Hampton Christian Schools
Hampton Roads Academy
Norfolk Academy
Norfolk Christian
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Portsmouth Catholic
Ryan Academy
St. John the Apostle Catholic
St. Mary Star of the Sea
St. Matthews
St. Patrick Catholic
Star of the Sea Catholic
St. Pius X Catholic
Tidewater Adventist Academy
Virginia Beach Christian Academy
Veritas Christian Academy

Universities in Hampton Roads, VA:
Christopher Newport University
Hampton University
Norfolk State University
Old Dominion University
Tidewater Community College
Thomas Nelson Community College


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