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Tutor/Consultant  for  Statistics & Finance

I am available as a Tutor/Research consultant for you on
finishing your Statistics/Finance portions of your PROJECTS,
Research papers, Research Publications, Homework, and
Individual/Company Assignments for your class/work.
I will be very valuable in helping you complete your
Statistical Analysis-and-Interpretations of your Master's Thesis,
Dissertation, and/or any research work that you may have.

Statistics is a "universal language" -- in that it is used
in every field of study (Science, Technology, Engineering,
Mathematics, Social Sciences, Education, Psychology, others).
As such, I can definitely help you on Statistics in interpreting
what the statistics data is proving or telling you.
However, I can NOT help you explain "why" it is true, and
the justifications/reasons for it to be true -- because I am NOT
familiar with your field of study, nor your work in your workplace.
I am strictly a Statistician / Financial / Technical Analyst for you.

Rate:  US$40 / Hour   for online video consultation.
Flat Contract Rate based on Assigned work, from start to finish.
  *  Most work costs US$300 and higher (relaxed time-limit)
  *  Work will be charged double if RUSHED (less than 3 days)

Collaboration software can be downloaded from my website:
      TEAMVIEWER Collaboration Software

So to make this to work, I will need several requirements from you:
1)  Give to me the complete requirements that you want me
       to prove or disprove  statistically.

       If class assignment:  then email the class assignment's requirements,
                         including your class syllabus, so I know what materials you cover.
       if textbook assignment:  tell me name of textbook/author/edition/page/question
       if thesis: provide in-depth explanation what you're trying to achieve
       if dissertation:  provide in-depth explanations of what needs to be done.
       if research: what research are you trying to prove/discover?
2)  Provide to me your hypothesis, and your expectations of
       the data, and your research goals out.

3)  Explain what statistical approaches which you have conducted,
       and what were your preliminary results obtained so far.

       if you have any preliminary result, then please email them to me.
       under what assumptions were you basing your preliminary results?

4)  Provide to me completed sets of  RAW  DATA.
       if you have blank/missing data -- explain how bad they are.
       if you need data -- I can search, and find the required data you need
                for extra fee.  You have to be clear what you're trying to prove.

5)  If you have CLEANED your data -- please indicate so.
       if you still have the original RAW data, please email to me, as well.
         that way I can determine whether you cleaned it correctly.

6)  Explain what the variables are, and what they're supposed to mean.
      if you had discussions with your boss/advisor, what steps are you supposed to follow?
      if you are told to do one particular method (but I feel it is wrong method),
         then I will conduct work following your requested method, but I will also
         include a different approach (which I feel is correct method) free-of-charge.

7)  Clearly state deadline this work must be completed.
       if RUSH-work is required -- I will charge double (100%) service-charge.
         You can NOT force statistics/research work to finish early -- you can easily
         get disastrous results.  The only way I can RUSH-finish your work is for me
         to drop everything else that I am doing so I can focus on your work.

8)  Explain what field-of-study is this work on (ex:  finance, marketing, etc)
      * this will help me determine what types of statistical analysis
          would usually be required to run for your field-of-study.
      * explain how much literature review you have conducted, so far.

)  Please follow ALL   requirements -- I need to know the entirety and
     totality of what statistical analysis work you want me to perform.

      * this ensures I can provide accurate price-quote for my services, and
         I can guarantee delivery of final-work by your requested deadline date.
      * this also helps me understand what is "inside your head"  and  to what
         direction that I should direct my time/energy/effort to serve you best.

Once all nine information have been given to me, I will
estimate amount of work and time-effort will be required
to finish the statistical analysis-and-interpretations portion
for your project/assignment/thesis/dissertation.

Payment is 1/2 due immediately, and remaining 1/2 when work
has been completed -- paid via cash, check, or
If I fail to complete your work, then all payment will be refunded.

What you will get from me:
1)  Work will primarily be done on Microsoft Excel and/or SPSS.
     Please check to me if you prefer other software (Minitab, for example).
2)  Microsoft  Word  DOC file explaining all the work done onto your data:
       *  I will provide step-by-step explanation of how I got your results.
       *  Graphic Outputs will be provided to show what they mean
       *  Numerical Outputs to show statistical significance, etc.
       *  Interpretations & Analysis of your data
3)  Microsoft excel  .XLS file-format of data, and/or
     SPSS 22  .SAV  file-format of data, and SPSS 22 .OUT
     file-format of output data (if needed).
4)  You will also have access to me via phone, in-person,
     video-chat via skype, and email to ensure you fully understand
     what I've done with your research project, and finished work.
5)  Remote Desktop viewing can also be conducted via Internet,
      so you can see what's on my computer screen so I can teach
      you how to replicate the answers/results on your own.

If you are out-of-town (not in Norfolk, VA), then you can
pay me via my account as payment:

For consultation and progress inquiry, we can meet in-person
here in Norfolk, VA or video-chat via Skype, or talk over the phone.

If you need more immediate response, please send SMS text
or leave voice-mail message to:  


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