EXAM  PROCTOR  SERVICE -- Norfolk, VA  &  Hampton, VA

Take your exam with me!

Your exam will be proctored by a licensed professional.

Examinations can be proctored at my Hampton University Office,
or Old Dominion University Library Computer Lab,
or in your own house/domicile.
Computers, internet access, books, and study-tables.
Excellent place to learn and get your work done conveniently.

Availability -- Flexible time slots are available.
I have flexible time-availability.
Email me, and we'll discuss availability that
fits both of our schedules.



I can only provide exam-proctor services for
local clients in the Hampton Roads area:
   * Norfolk,
   * Virginia Beach,
   * Portsmouth,
   * Chesapeake,
   * Newport News,
   * Hampton,
   * Suffolk.

Cost for exam proctor services: 
US$20/hour --  if held at ODU/Norfolk Location
US$40/hour --  if held at Client's Location.