ODU/Norfolk Tutor's Location

ODU McDonald's Location (click here)

ODU McDonald's Hampton Blvd Location:
   ODU McDonald's (Store # 7200)
   4108 Hampton Blvd
   Norfolk VA 23505
   Phone: 757-423-1977

How do I know which McDonald's location this is?
This is the McDonald's that is right off of Hampton Blvd,
and located at corner of intersection with 41st ST.
Plenty of Tables and Chairs are available at this location.
Just find an empty table/chair, where you can sit comfortably.

FREE Wireless Internet is available in this location.
But NO electric-power outlet is available.
During tutoring sessions, feel free to bring your laptop;
however, ensure your laptop's battery is fully-charged.
Or you can use my computer laptop that has 7-hour
battery-life capacity during tutoring-session.

How about parking at ODU McDonald's?
Plenty of FREE parking-spaces are available when
there is no ODU Saturday football game.