Please send email to me for complete Information.
I can help in these FIVE main subjects (University-level,
both  Undergraduate-level and Graduate-level):

     Statistics, Mathematics, Finance, SPSS,
    Economics,  and  Strategic Management.

I mainly tutor active College/University Students and
professionals who are currently working in their fields.
I am comfortable to tutor university students who are traditional
(18 ~ 30 year olds),  and non-traditional students (31 ~ 60 year olds).

My hours of availability are posted on URL Link (click on link to read):


Statistics (STAT):

* All levels of Statistics (Undergraduate & Graduate)
* Statistics Software:  SPSS, eViews, Microsoft Excel, and others.

Finance (FIN):
* All levels of Finance (Undergraduate & Graduate)
* Financial Management for use in Nursing, Health Administration,
    Public Administration, Engineering, and many other fields.

Economics (ECON):

* All levels of Economics (Undergraduate & Graduate).

Accounting (ACCT):
* Undergraduate Level Introductory Accounting, only.
* Mainly Introductory, and Basic Level Accounting topics.
* Managerial Accounting for general-MBA level is acceptable.

Mathematics (MATH):
* ALL levels of Mathematics (Undergraduate & Graduate)
* Calculus, Multi-variable, Proofs, Algebra, Geometry,
   General Mathematics, Differential Equations,
* High School Mathematics:
   Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus,
   Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Discrete Math

Online students enrolled in Saint Leo University,
University Maryland University College (UMUC),
Strayer University, AIU, Liberty University,
TNCC, TCC, ODU, NSU, Hampton University Online
(HUNet), Grand Canyon University, Bellevue University,
Liberty University, University of Phoenix,  St. Leo University,
Stratford University  are some Universities
which I have tutored students from.

If you are non-local, and have a very busy schedule:
I can still tutor you, where we can conduct tutoring-sessions
online (via Internet) using SKYPE, and Remote Desktop Viewing
(what you see on my computer screen, is what you see on
  your computer screen).