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1.        Data Collecting and Cleansing from- (1) questionnaire, (2) statistical survey/ structured
            interview, (3) experiment  *QUANTITATIVE and QUALITATIVE (Categorical) data analysis.

2.        Expert in reading Statistical Tables- Chi Square Tables, Student t distribution tables,
            Standard normal distribution tables, Probability Distributions, Demography and
            population studies.

3.        Statistical Hypothesis, Tests (PARAMETRIC -- T-test, ANOVA, AND NON-PARAMETRIC
             STATISTICAL TESTING) and Confidence intervals, etc

4.        Multivariate and bivariate and moderated regression and Correlation

5.        Statistical quality and process control

6.        Reliability and scale development and testing

7.        Factor analysis

8.        Time Series analysis

9.        Discriminate analysis

10.      Longitudinal (Panel) data Analysis,

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Statistical software:  S-PLUS / R, Matlab, SPSS, SAS, Stata, Microsoft Excel, EViews, Minitab.
I am comfortable with all Undergraduate-level, Graduate-level, and Advanced-level statistics consulting needs.

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- Combinatorial Analysis - Descriptive Statistics
- Probability - Hypothesis testing
- Vectors & Matrices - Confidence Intervals
- Markov Chains - Poisson Distribution
- Calculus - Chi Square
- Algebra - ANOVA
- Geometry - Correlation and Regression
- Trigonometry - Non-Parametric testing
- Regents
- Investment Finance
- Econometrics
- Decision Analysis
- Linear Programming
- Transportation Problem
- Assignment Problem (Hungarian Method)
- Goal Programming

-Hypothesis Testing
-Confidence Interval Estimation
-Statistics for Physics
-Statistics for Economics and Social Sciences
-Asymptotic Statistics
-Linear Regression(including Multiple Regression)
-Mixed Models
-Repeated Measures Models
-Statistics for Psychology

* Regression & classification,
* Efficient & robust estimation
* Hypotheses testing,
* Time series analysis,
* Longitudinal (panel) data,
* Stochastic calculus,
* Stationary / counting / Poisson processes,
* Data mining / machine learning,
* Factor analysis,
* Survey sampling,
* Non-Parametric Statistics,
* Bayesian statistics,
* Markov chain,
* Monte Carlo simulation,
* Survival analysis,
* Derivative pricing,
* Risk-management analysis,
* Portfolio optimization,
* Financial Economics,
* Statistical software: S-PLUS / R, Matlab, SPSS, SAS, Stata, Microsoft Excel, EViews, Minitab.


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